La posición de Alonso, Nationalist position in the Sierra de la Yedra near Nivar

What is it?

This Nationalist position includes trenches, observation posts, emplacements, a Command Centre and a tunnel all placed on a hill overlooking a valley and the distant mountain known as Peñón de la Mata.

What’s the story?

This is another position of the Nationalist 6th Centre of Resistance in the Sierra de la Yedra. This was first created in August 1936 and  improved in 1938 by the 10th Company of Sappers. One of its main roles was to keep watch over Republican positions on and around the Peñón de la Mata around 2km to the north. On wartime maps, this position is identified as “la posición de Alonso” (Alonso’s position) though I don’t know who Alonso was.

The path leading up to this position passes through what seems to be a natural cleft in the rock.

Like the nearby Avanzadilla de Nívar (located around 700m to the east of this position) this uses a combination of natural rock formations and man-made structures. One of the most notable of these is a large concrete building on the south side of the position. It is said to be a Command Centre but for some reason, it has a distinctively arched doorway that seems to echo the Moorish architecture of sites such as the Alhambra. This seem odd on what is otherwise such a functional military building.

This site was manned by troops from the 32nd Division of the Nationalist Army of the South. These troops were billeted at the nearby Jose Antonio barracks or the Alfaguara Tuberculosis Sanatorium and were generally sent here for 4 days at a time. This site also features an observation post down the hillside to the north that is reached through a tunnel.

The narrow tunnel runs for around 100 feet, steeply downhill. It is intermittently lit by open sections in the roof, but in some places it’s very dark. The ground is uneven so care is needed and a torch is highly recommended.

At the bottom of the tunnel, an observation post looks out to the north, towards the Peñón de la Mata. Above ground, the builders of this position clearly used natural faults in the rock to create trenches to allow safe movement between emplacements, out of sight of the Republican positions to the north.

Where is it?

This site isn’t marked on Google maps, but it’s close to the position known as the Avanzadilla de Nívar which is shown on Google Maps as Trincheras De Alfacar.

Getting There

To reach this site, you need to park in the same area as used for visiting the nearby Avanzadilla de Nívar. Around 100m after leaving the parking area, you will come to a junction where tracks lead off to both right and left. There are no signposts but a small arrow points to the right where you will find the Avanzadilla de Nívar. If instead you follow the track to the left which winds up the hill through the trees, you will arrive at this site.

The path is uneven and to see the site, some clambering is required. If you plan to descend through the tunnel to the observation post, take care and use a torch.

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